23 Treehouses in Kerala that will Amaze You

Tree houses are found in the Western Ghats from the last 250 years. During old ages tree houses were used as hide outs places near jungles and they are meant for protection from wild animals. It was popularly known as Erumaadaam in the local language of Malayalam.  Here’s our list of 23 Kerala Treehouses that will amaze you!

The tribal community who resides near the forest area are the first architects of this authentic and eco-friendly homes. Later on when tourism developed the whole new concept of tree houses came to lime light.

The normal height of a tree house will be from 20 Feet to 85 feet from ground. Kerala as a state always offers specialty accommodations in its forms like house boats Tree houses etc.

The tree house are equipped with the modern facilities like beds, bathrooms with toilets, washbasins with running hot / cold water and shower.

Staying in a tree house a romantic experience- Back to nature

Tree house stay will be definitely a very rare experience to the tourist. You will get a feel that you are staying like a bird at the top a a tree and with an areal view of nature and surroundings , most of the tree houses are located near Jungles ,Valleys or Waterfalls hence creating an exotic ambiance.

This calm and quite accommodations are romantic hide outs which offers serenity, wilderness, adventure and privacy by connecting people with nature. The rooms are quite cozy and comfortable with attached wash rooms, interiors are basic with carpeted floor and balcony where you can sit and relish the beauty of the jungle in the lap of nature.

When you open the windows you will be astonished by the bird’s eye view of western Ghats ,lush greenery, tea gardens or water falls. Best suited for a honey moon couple and the theme is back to nature. When you chose to stay in destinations like Munnar, Wayanad, Thekkady or the tropical rain forests at Athirapally they all about 700 – 3000 Feet away from sea level.

Experience Kerala Treehouses – Once in a Lifetime

The question is do you really want to stay in a usual hotel room or do you want to stay up in the trees live like a bird wake up to the echoes of Nature. These jungle huts are made with the combination of Bamboo, wood, palm fiber etc, all procured locally and completely eco-friendly.

The balconies of these jungle houses are blessed with cool breeze in abundance . Ideal for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiast since it’s safe to watch wild animals from the tree top. All that you can’t do is to eat and that’s because it attracts monkeys to the room. Overnight stay in the tree house is an enchanting experience as you will experience the wilderness in dark from the balcony.

Overnight stay in tree houses is much suggested for the honey moon couple since the privacy and ambiance is well suited to make your honeymoon days memorable in the lap of nature. Most of the tree houses are located in well spread plantations spice gardens or tea estates.

Of course, if treehouses isn’t your thing, but you’d like to experience life from an authentic Kerala life perspective there are homestays that might suit you.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Treehouses in Kerala

Where in Kerala you will find tree houses?

Tree houses are found in the mountain ranges and forest areas of Kerala. Tree houses are found in destinations like Munnar, Thekkady, Wayanad and Athirapally.

Is the Tree house safe?

Tree houses are completely safe and secure, since it’s about 20- 80 feet from ground t is not suggested for Children.

What all activities can be done in the Resorts with Tree house?

Since most of the hotels with tree houses are close to the nature and wild life sanctuaries. Trekking, Bird watching, nature walk, village, Plantation tour etc.,ideal place for reading books .

Is the tree house luxurious, is it Air-conditioned?

Tree houses are not luxurious AC facility will not be available in most of the tree houses baring few , it is ecofriendly accommodation

What all honey moon amenities / inclusions can be done in Tree house?

Flower decorations, candle light dinner, Fruit basket’s etc. can be done

What all amenities can be expected in tree house?

Since there is a limitation of space basic amenities will be provided, attached wash room toiletries, linen blankets

Is TV and telephone available in tree house?

No, tree houses are specialty accommodations and their will not be any TV facility in most of the tree houses, telephone will be available inside the bed room.

Liquor policy in tree house?

Consumption of alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited inside tree house

Do you get room service in tree houses?

Since there is limited space there is no scope for serving food

What is the rate of Tree house in Kerala?

Prices will vary as per the quality and location of tree houses, prices start from 7000 – 20000 per day.

23 Tree houses in Kerala that will Amaze You!

1. Nature zone Munnar – Kerala Treehouses

Nature zone jungle resort is an Eco-friendly hideout located in the foot hills of Munnar, well spread in 25 acers of Eco-friendly campus accompanied with the melody of Nature.

The resort is located about 7 kilometers away from the city center and an exotic location thus offers unique ambiance. Since it is away from the city center located on the high peak altitude of Lakshmi estate the climate will be 5 degree cooler than the usual Munnar valley.

The accessibility to the hotel is only by a jeep or an SUV with 4-wheel drive. The timing of jeep transfers will be from morning 6 Am to evening 6 PM, Resort management offers frequent jeep transfers connecting the hotel and town in regular intervals. The six-kilometer drive from city center to the resort is through the tea gardens of Munnar. Activities include trekking, visit to the viewpoints, jeep ride, campfire etc. Lakshmi estate and the surrounding areas has a high bird population, flora and fauna.

If you are looking for a real tree house property in Munnar, there is no better place than Nature zone. Their African safari tent houses has an excellent view of nature. The tree houses are build on real trees and the balcony offers spectacular valley view. Evenings are ideal for barbeque dinner’s and campfire. The entire property is preserved with out disturbing nature and in an echo friendly way . Nature zone is highly recommended for honey moon couples , bird watchers writers and those who want to be away from crowd and to be one with the nature.

2. Dream catcher Munnar

Dream catcher resort has 4 tree houses well spread in the tea estate, the total land area is 20 acres with orange, cardamom, pepper tea and coffee plantations.  The tree houses are private and at a height of about 60 feet from ground level , children’s are not allowed to stay in the tree house .

The resort is scenic with exotic mountain views from all areas , blessed with fresh air in abundance . Each tree houses has an attached wash room a balcony which gives view to the tea garden /valley. Interiors are basic with an in house television and free internet.

The location is on bison valley road which is 20 kms away from the Munnar town .Activities include trekking , bird watching , hiking , plantation trails etc. Since the tree houses are built on a tall trees it is advisable to carry limited luggage to the rooms.

This is a Kerala treehouse you wouldn’t want to miss!

3 Ela Ecoland Munnar

Ela ecoland as the name says is an Eco-friendly farm located in Kallar which comes 18 kms before reaching Munnar. The single tree house is build at a height of 60 feet from ground level. The view from balcony is fantastic towards the mountains ,valley and the Kallar river.

The bathroom is equipped with running hot water facility and basic toiletries. Kallar – Nallathanni river is flowing through the resort premise, jungle jeep safari to Anakkulam is ideal if you are interested in wild life . The butterflies, birds, virgin trees all makes Ela Ecoland nature lovers paradise . The tree house is constructed by connecting 5 big trees and children’s are not allowed in the tree house. Food is prepared in traditional Kerala style purely organic .

4 . Kaivalyam Tree house Munnar

#4 in our list of some good Kerala treehousese is Kaivalyam, which is a small beautiful echo friendly property located away from the hustle and bustle of the city center . The concept is pure nature and holistic life,view is incredibly beautiful , mountains, valleys , trees , flowers and birds.. Tree house is nestled in an organic spice plantation spread across 11 acers of land.

The resort offers activities like trekking , nature photography spice garden visit etc. .The food is purely vegetarian , organic home grown vegetables and fruits are used for cooking . rooms are equipped with , WIFI ,tea coffee maker LCD TV etc. .The tree house has private balcony overlooking the valley and attached bathroom .

5 Great escapes resort Munnar

Great escape is a nature resort located at Chinnakanal area of Munnar their tree house is ideal for honey moon couples and nature lovers. Since the location is at Chinnakanal area which is at higher Munnar the area has a better climate comparatively .  Make your great escape to this Kerala Treehouse nature resort!

The resort is spread across 5 acers of land near the Gap road. Tree house is facing towards the valley with wooden furnished interiors attached bathroom with bath tub . Basic amities tea coffee maker, telephone and LCD tv is available in tree house. Great escape resort is at a distance of 13 kms from Munnar town

6 Jungle jive Tree house Munnar

Jungle jive is located at a distance of about 15 kms from Munnar. The tree house is located in the midst of 15 acers of ecofriendly cardamom and tea plantation. The entire premise is covered with green trees hence offering unique forest ambiance with lots of bird varieties. Activities include trekking, boating at Chenkulam dam , plantation tour , jeep safari etc. .The resort is run by Mr. Paul and his family who stays in the property . Food is cooked and served by the family with great personalized care and hospitality. The interiors are basic with attached bathrooms , view from balcony is towards the spice garden .

7 vanya tree house – Thekkady

Vanya is a jungle tree house located in the core area of Periyar tiger reserve, the tree house belongs to Greenwoods resort Thekkady. Theme of vanya is nature and a journey back to the rustic old age life in Kerala by living with nature . The single tree house is located in the midst of a cardamom plantation spread in 12 acers and shares its boundary with the tiger reserve . It is a paradise for nature lovers and there are chances of spotting wild animals like bison / sambar deer etc from the balcony. However The property is completely safe and there will be 2 dedicated staffs at your service who stays at a distance of 250 meters from the tree house, Interiors are basic with rustic finish .Food served is typical Kerala style , breakfast will be boiled route vegetables like yam tapioca accompanied with black tea/ coffee , typical vegetarian meal for lunch and rice soup for dinner . solar energy is used for generating power and water is sourced from a natural well. The property is located at a distance of about 5 kms from the main town kumily .Accessibility to vanya is only by a four wheel drive further followed by a hard trekking of 750 meters . This property is not advisable for kids and old couples. Highly recommended for someone who likes to be away from the crowd and stay close with nature.  Do not miss out on this Kerala Treehouse, this one will make your time worth it!

8 Carmelia Haven – Thekkady

Carmelia heaven is an ecofriendly plantation resort located at Thekkady – Munnar road in a distance of about 24 kms from the Periyar tiger reserve. The location Vandenmedu is famous for Cardamom plantations . World’s best quality cardamom is grown in this region of Idukki district, since the climate and soil is ideal for cardamom cultivation.

The resort is wide spread in 50-acer’s cardamom plantation, apart from cardamom they also grow tea, coffee and orange with in the resort premise. The tree house is located in the midst of woods and balcony is overlooking the spice garden. The interiors are spacious, amenities include tea coffee maker running hot water, telephone, internet etc . Carmelia heaven has lot of in house activities, swimming pool, badminton, daily cultural activities multi cuisine restaurant etc.

9 Ranger woods Thekkady

The twin tree houses at Ranger woods resort is very close to the entrance gate of Periyar tiger reserve. The interiors are luxurious with traditional wood finish and state of the art furnishing amenities include tea coffee maker, mini bar , television , internet etc . Since the location is very close to the tiger reserve there are chances to see wild animals from the balcony itself. The boat landing area of Thekkady is just 3 kms away from ranger woods. The hotel has an ayurvedic massage center, multicuisine restaurant, curio shop etc. .

10 Kalpakavanam tree house

Kalpakavanam is a tranquil plantation resort located at a distance of 6 kms from Thekkady. The tree house is located in the middle of a plantation and at a height of 30 feet from ground level .The interiors are wooden finished with Kerala architecture . service has a very personalized touch with homely food. Kapakavanam is located closer to Ottakathalamedu view point, the resort also offers free guided trekking inside the premise jeep safaris evening bonfire etc .

11 Rain forest Athirapally

The best way to enjoy the beauty of Athirapally water fall by staying at The Rainforest resort. one of its kind in India, their tree house offers stunning view to the beautiful Athirapally waterfalls and the dense rain forests of sholayar. Interiors are air conditioned with all basic amenities. This small boutique property is well designed and spread across 7 acers in the lap of the nature , view towards the mighty water fall right starting from the reception. The guest can enjoy the traditional recipes of tribes in sholayar forest in the evening accompanied by their cultural performances. The hotel has a multicuisine restaurant which serves global cuisine and free WIFI. The location is ideal for birdwatching, there are chances to spot wild animals during the guided trekking organized by the resort.

12 Eletaria resort

Eletaria is an echo friendly plantation resort located at Vandanmedu near Thekkady, it is 24 kms away from the Periyar tiger reserve and nestled in the midst of cardamom plantation. The interiors of the tree house has all the basic facilities, wash room, double bed and balcony . Activities include trekking, nature trails, plantation visits etc.

13 Vythiri Resort Wayanad

Vythiri is a small hill station located in Wayanad district of Kerala which is a part of western Ghats. Vythiri resort is a dream destination for honey moon couples, 150 acers of tropical rain forest is the highlight of vythiri resort, the rain forest are rich suppliers of oxygen and fresh air. Being a part of tropical jungle, the resort has a variety of endemic flora and fauna including endemic tree ferns, splendid bird and butterfly population. Some of the trees are at a height of about 200 feets. You can relax by the side of a crowing mountain stream in a hammock . Panoramic view from the balcony of the tree house is and the nights are romantic with the crippling sound of cicada .Vythiri is located at an altitude of about 700 feet’s from the sea level. Vythiri resort is build with an echo friendly concept and old charm of traditional Kerala architecture. The tree house is located away from the main building block which ensure privacy to the guest .

The resort has 5 tree houses including a child friendly one which is facing towards the stream , build with basic amenities and bath attached bed rooms., intercom , tea kettles , running hot and cold water . Heavy baggage’s are not allowed inside the tree house which can be kept at the lockers , the height from ground level to tree house is 60 – 80 feet’s and accessibility is via dangling bridge and staircase . The resort has hanging bridge build on a wild stream, apart from that there are 3 natural streams which flows through the property. Activities includes trekking , tribal village visits ,yoga sections , plantation tours etc.

14 Tranquil Wayanad

Tranquil is an Echo friendly plantation home stay located in Wayanad, 400 acer spread coffee/ spice plantation which was originated during the British colonial era .The host Mr. victor and wife Ranjini runs the daily operations , the service is personalized one with out most care and organic food . The tree house is build on a goldmohur tree and overlooking the coffee plantation and valley with attached bed room and bath room. The height from ground is 50 feet’s and interiors spacious enough with 550 square feet . Child below 8 years are not allowed in tree house due to safety reasons. Activities include trekking nature walk, bird watching etc. . About 130 bird species are spotted in the resort premises. Facilities like swimming pool , badminton court etc are available inside the resort . Amenities include telephone LCD TV, bathrobes and tea coffee maker .

15 Hilliya resort Wayanad

Hilliya is an ecofriendly home stay located in Wayanad , away from the hustle and bustle of the town nestled in the midst of an organic plantation , they cultivate ginger coffer arecanut turmeric etc . The single tree house is build on a mango tree using echo friendly materials, when it ripe you can even try your luck by picking the fresh mangoes from rooms .The view from windows is towards the spice plantation .Hight from ground is 25 feet’s and the tree house have bath rooms attached and basic amenities and television .The resort has a multicuisine restaurant , kids play area , badminton court , carroms etc.

16 Green magic resort Treehouse – Wayanad

Green magic is an eco friendly jungle resort located at lakkidi village in Wayanad its very close to the forest and about 8kms from Vythiri . They have variety of indoor/ out door activities such as trekking , plantation visit , swimming in natural pool , night safaris rock climbing etc .The tree house is located in an exclusive plantation at a height of 85 feets from ground level which is the highest one in Asia .The tree house has 3 floors with 2 bed rooms attached bathroom and basic amenities, view is towards a sparkling mountain stream which flows through the resort .

17 Marmalade spring resort Wayanad

Marmalade spring is a boutique resort located at edapatty Wayanad . Activities include trekking , fishing , barbeque , tribal dance performance etc. . The resort is spread across 30 acers of coffee plantation with wide variety of birds population the resort has a natural pool ,and a swimming .Location is off beat and you should do an off road jeep safari to reach this place .The tree house is build with traditional Kerala architecture and with teak wood finish , attached wash rooms and balcony with mountain view .

18. Green ways Wayanadu

Green ways is a specialty property located in an exotic coffee plantation near the famous Kuruva island in Wayanad . The property is very close to kabani river just 50 meters and the view balcony of the tree house is toward the river . The 2 bed room tree house has an attached washroom build with echo friendly materials like bamboo , the height from ground level to tree house is just 10 feets and it’s a child friendly one . The property offers trekking , bonfire etc as activities .

19. Pepper trails Wayanad

Pepper trails is a heritage property located at Wayanad spread across 200 acre’s pepper plantation which offers modern charm and colonial settings. The plantation was set by the British planters in the 1800 . The tree houses are built in jack fruit trees and the balcony over looking dense rain forests. The interiors are posh and well designed. The tree houses ensure complete privacy and birds eye view to the plantation .Pepper trail has a good Ayurveda spa , service is very personalized and the food is as per your choice cooked with home grown spices and herbs .Activities include coracle ride plantation tour and bird watching tours .They also preserves a 140 year old bungalow with in the estate which has 2 suites and living spaces .

20. Holiday Vagamon

Holiday vagamon is an exotic resort located in western Ghats in the foot hills of vagamon. The property is located in the midst of tea garden spread across 5 acers with amazing ambiance and cool climate. This resort is an ideal location for honey moon couples and nature enthusiast. Activities included cycling, trekking etc. . The tree house is made in wooden finish and balcony view towards the mountains. Bed is queen sized and the tree house has an attached wash room, it is a child friendly tree house at a height of 20 meters from ground level. . Activities include, swimming pool, table tennis, carroms etc.

21 Parambikulam (Thunakadavu) tree house

#21 in our list of Kerala treehouses is Parambikulam, which is one among the two tiger reserves in Kerala, its spread across 640 square kilometers of evergreen forest and rich verity of animal and reptile population , medicinal plants and bio diversity . Located at a distance of 100 kms from Palakkad ,Parambikulam is an ideal place for wild life activities and spotting them in its close areas .The activities and accommodations are all are under the forest department of Kerala . The tree top hut at thunakadavu is a romantic hide out with its view towards the reservoir and the dense forest of Parambikulam. There are chances to see wild animals especially sambar deer’s and elephants from the balcony of the tree house and walk up to the symphony of humming birds ..The forest department also arrange guided evening safari where you can spot some wild animals and an enchanting tribal dance program as part of the package .The package include all meals and evening tea coffee snacks .

22.Green gates resort Wayanad (Bamboo tree house)

Green gates resort is located at Kalpetta in Wayanad . The tree house is build with bamboo and other eco friendly materials in a natural tree crafted by the tribes of Wayanad forest . The tree house is facing towards the garden . The room has attached wash rooms and living spaces . The hotel facility includes Ayurvedhic Spa, recreation room , restaurant, mini theater etc . The height from ground level is 20 feets and gives spectacular mountain view .Due to safety reasons kids are not allowed in tree house , TV ,kettles , telephone etc available in house .

23 .Shola Periyar tree house Spring valley Thekkady

It’s a real tree house located at a height of 20 feets from ground in the middle of a cardamom estate .The tree house is build with echo friendly materials by the indigenous tribes on a 200 year old banyan tree .Basic facility is available in the tree house . To maintain the real nature and its purity television , music and other electronic devises is not provided in the tree house .. The only noise is that of the singing of the birds, swaying of the trees, which would sound like music to the ears. The lighting is provided by the hurricane lamps and kerosene oil.

Those are our 23 Kerala Treehouses that we think will blow your mind away.  We hope you enjoy your visit to one of Kerala’s treehouses or treehouse resorts!