Experiencing Monsoon in Kerala

God’s Own Monsoon – Experiencing the South West Monsoon in Kerala.

The south-west monsoons are a welcome sight for the west coast of India.  After the hot and humid summer months, the first rain showers hit the coast of Kerala during the first week of June.

Monsoon in Kerala turns the entire state into a vivid hue of green. The rains literally wash away the dirt and dust from the surface of the land.

Everything about the rains is special for the people of the state.

  • Schools reopening after the summer vacations.
  • The smell of the wet earth as the rain replenishes the thirst of the soil.
  • People making their way through busy streets and bazaars with their umbrellas.
  • Boys playing football in the waterlogged paddy fields and,
  • The aroma of various fried snacks that make their way out of the kitchen and into the nostrils of those who eagerly wait in anticipation over a cup of hot tea.

These are some of the sights and sounds that are inherent to the south-west monsoons in Kerala.

Monsoon in Kerala Helps Express Love

These rains also bring out the hopeless romantic in many. From young lovers to the elderly, everyone has their own unique way of connecting with the rains.

For some, it could be a walk in the rain with their loved one under an umbrella. For others, it could serve as a source of inspiration to write a song or a poem.

Whatever it is, there is something definitely magical in the rains that Kerala receives.

The lush green paddy fields promise a bountiful harvest with a good monsoon. The sight of these vast expanses of farmland is a sight to behold on a rainy day.

The beautiful backwaters of Kumarakom and Alleppey take on a mesmerizing look altogether with the grey skies and rain peppering the surface of the water.

The Monsoons in Kerala Augments its Beauty

The countryside too, with its wet roads and streets, exhibit a charm that can only be experienced with a leisurely walk either after a rain shower or during one (both are to be tried).

The busy markets and local tea shops bustle with activity. The tea shops with their wooden cupboards display local delicacies and snacks that tempt one and all on such rainy days.

Couple that with a piping hot cup of black tea or ‘kattan’ as the locals call it. You will have experienced true bliss in God’s Own Country.

Scenic Beauty, Scary Thunderstorms, Peaky Sun & Gorgeous Rainbow

Going over to the hills of Munnar, the entire landscape resembles a scene from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. With dark, ominous looking storm clouds that rumble with vengeance.  The mountains with their sharp cliffs and ragged edges seem to be about to cut open these storm clouds bringing a downpour from the heavens.

Every now and then the sun teases everyone by popping its head out between the clouds.  And then a beautiful rainbow appears over the lush green hills.

The tea plantations take on a different hue of green and it is a sight to behold.

Monsoon in Kerala gives New Life to Flora & Fauna

The forests with their flora and fauna seem to reverberate with a new lease of life as the rains bring relief after a merciless hot summer.

It is a surreal experience for those who stay atop a tree house during this time. The tree top experience is one to have as it gives one the experience of seeking shelter atop the trees in the ‘erumadams’ (tree house) as they are called, during the rains.

Kerala is the first state in the country to receive the monsoon rains and the last to see them leave.

Blessed with the towering Western Ghats, the region is blessed with a generous monsoon.

This is a monsoon that brings relief and mostly the joy to the hearts of the people. The monsoons in Kerala are a journey, a story of sorts. A story that can be experienced from many different perspectives!